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Thursday, September 20, 2012

TRADER JOE'S: The Southernmost TJ's is opening in Miami in 2013

A minor ripple in the Twittersphere erupted late Wednesday afternoon.  A rumor was reported on, uncertainty ensued until finally the rumor was substantiated again and again and again. Trader Joe's is indeed opening their southernmost outlet, and its first on the east coast of Florida, in suburban Miami. The location, an old Borders bookstore on US-1, which I recall thinking when Borders started closing up shops that it would be an ideal place for a Trader Joe's. My thoughts must've travelled the 3,000 miles to Monrovia, CA and today word got out that Trader Joe's signed a lease for the 17,000+ square foot space. Word is the opening will be in 2013.  I've waited 15 years for TJ's to open in Miami. A few more months isn't going to hurt to get my hands on some great items I've missed for a long time.  For a sneak peek at the types of products to look forward to, here's a link to a previous post on a trip to Trader Joe's in Naples, FL.

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