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Sunday, April 15, 2012

SPOTTED: New Whole Foods Coming to North Miami

While I can't say I live in a food desert, it is a bit of a food semi-arid region.  Options for people living around the Biscayne Corridor are pretty limited with Publix being close to the only option with locations on 20th, 40th and 90th and Biscayne.  While calling me a fan of Publix would be like saying Ozzie Guillen is a fan of, well, let's let that one die.  There's also some smaller, local ethnic places like the Japanese Market on 79th St. Causeway and a farmers market at Legion Park that fill partially fill the void of alternatives to Publix, but those are few and far between.

But hope was raised when driving in the rain yesterday I happened upon this sign on Biscayne and 125th.  It's Whole Foods and their coming to NE Miami, complementing their stores in South Beach and Aventura, both of which are a bit inconvenient to those living off of Miami's main artery.  When the store will open couldn't be gleaned from the sign, but when it does it'll at least begin to get us out of the semi-arid state.  Trader Joe's, we're ready and welcoming!

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