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Saturday, March 31, 2012

SPOTTED: Proper Sausages at Legion Park Farmers Market

There's always a few surprises that pop up in my neighborhood now and then.  There's the guy that barricaded himself in a motel room and held his wife and kid "hostage" or the guy that took out his aggression over high gas prices on a defenseless gas pump (Biscayne Times covers these and more incidents in better detail coupled with commentary).

So surprised I was driving by the usually empty lot in front of Legion Park on Biscayne and 64th to see a Farmers Market had sprung up.  I recalled one of the guys at Urban Oasis Project, who had their market at the strip mall on 79th St & Biscayne, mentioning a couple of weeks ago that they were moving locations.  I guess this is where they moved too.  Alas the surprise wasn't as surprising. 

But wait!  Along with Urban Oasis (and the bongo drum guy who seems to know only one beat) there was a small tent with a cool logo that would catch the eye of anyone who reads this blog.  Proper Sausages has come to town, or at least to my neighborhood.  A great write-up in Edible South Florida's winter edition will give you some insight into how this unique local business came about.  In short there were no proper sausages in Miami so a local couple, one American one British, decided to make some. Proper Sausages makes artisanal sausages using local Berkshire pork with unique ingredient blends.  Today's choices included the namesake Proper Sausage with the aforementioned heirloom pork along with Fig & Bleu Cheese, a spicy sausage with habanero and a venison and cherry sausage.  Normally found at the Yellow Green Farmers Market, this new Saturday outpost at Legion Park saves those of us living in Miami proper the trek to Hollywood.  And for those of us too busy to even make it to Legion Park to pick up sausages to cook yourself you don't have to worry.  Local favorites Blue Collar and The Federal regularly feature Proper Sausage creations on their menus.  Easy peasy.

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