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Thursday, January 5, 2012

SPOTTED: MIA Resto Makes Saveur 100

My favorite Saveur issue of the year is the Saveur 100 which drops each year the end of December.  Since it's the January/February issue, the list of 100 random food-related products, people, places, etc. get named for the current year.  It's rather odd to know in January what the Saveur 100 for 2012 are, but the list is so esoteric that it doesn't really matter.
Courtesy of La Carreta

This year MIA, and by this I mean Miami International Airport, is home to the restaurant at the #2 spot (spots being meaningless as the list is non-ranked) with a nod to the La Carreta just outside the security gate to Terminal D.  

Why La Carreta?  To many its become a place to avoid with cramped spaces, long lines and the strong aroma of garlic and mojo wafting through the dining room.  Also those wanting a quick cortadito before dealing with the security lines can make a b-line for the smaller, more convenient Cafe Versailles mini-counters sprinkled around the airport.

But to out of towners La Carreta must be something of a slap in the face saying HEY YOU'RE NOW IN (OR LEAVING) MIAMI.  And much like descriptions of Miami in travel magazines, Saveur romanticizes the food at La Carreta describing dishes as "juicy", "rich", "gooey", "porky". To each his own as the saying goes and to Saveur, well thanks for highlighting a Miami-style greasy spoon to the world.  Now you just gotta tell your readers how and where in Terminal D to get some good antacids.

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